currently reading: Love Walked Among Us

This is one of those books that a pastor in a sermon talked about that I jotted down in my notes immediately. I have always struggled with the best way to love others. What loving works for one person does not work for another, and yet I still struggle and try and fail.

This book walks through the gospels of Jesus and give accounts of how specifically Jesus loved each person. Paul E Miller spent so much time studying each story of Jesus and really picking apart Jesus' intentionality with the people he loved so dearly. Jesus doted on Martha by discussing the death of her brother, he honored Mary by weeping with her. There are so many nuggets of goodness in this book that make me want to know Jesus deeper and see how he loves ME in such specific ways.

This book is good for those who:
- want to know the heart of Jesus
- want to learn more about His time here on earth
- want to know how to be more like Him

I love this book, I am sure it'll go down as one of my favs. Order the book from Amazon HERE. I would recommend reading it on kindle or having a physical copy. I have been listening on Audible and the audio book recording isn't the best I have heard.


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