lets talk patience.

Patience is one of those elusive traits for me..as soon as I'm on the verge of gaining some, circumstances arise that push me over the edge. I am impulsive, impatient, impossible. So often do I ask the Lord to give me grace and patience, and He responds with circumstances that make patience almost impossible. Why. Learning is not an instantaneous occurrence, learning takes time, trial and error and practice. I am given stupid annoying problems, annoying people, frustrating circumstances to teach me how to wait, breathe, trust and be still. I would like to say my patience has grown, but I have a feeling that this will by my lifelong struggle..the thorn in my side if you will. I am so weak in this area, but how neat is it that God has more than enough patience. He has patience with my impatience, does that make sense? I don't know, all I know is that I will never measure up nor have enough patience to measure up with the amount he has to have with me on a daily basis. I feel like a rebellious 8 year old. I am a wanderer, a rebel, a stubborn idiot, a fool. But He loves me just the same. What.


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