oh, the places you go..or don't go

so have a blog now, a place to store my thoughts no matter how silly. thats pretty neat because i have a lot of thoughts to share. its like a diary of sorts, keeping tabs on who I've been and dreams of who i will be. i can't wait to go, to go out and go places. i love these pictures of feets, i love feets pictures because it captures a moment in time of a place where you have been..no matter how normal. there is beauty in the mundane and mystery in the idea of where you'll go next. these pictures were taken on a short pathway often overlooked, but to me, this pathway was a secret garden of endless photo opportunities and beauty. i could have stayed there for a long long time taking silly pictures of things i view as lovely. this is just further proof that beauty can be found in the least expected places. and beauty to one is not beauty to another, but it is all beautiful in this world that God has created. there is life in everything, i vow to capture it, bask in it, adore it and care for it.


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