feeling urban.

this weekend i felt super urban and stuff. between a trip to salvation and to the farmers market, i sure got my fix of pretty things. I've been really into odds and ends and what better place to find them than a graveyard for discarded lovelies. shoes are always a given, so whenever i find a remotely sweet pair of shoes i purchase it, hoping it will fit in some manner or another. the boots are snug, what else is new. i love plants of all kinds, these little succulents are just too much, i replanted them in clay pots also found at salvation. 5cents each. the old potpourri container might be my favorite, it still holds remnants of some old woman's favorite scent, patchouli, which i am not quite a fan of, but i am a fan of history and a story. glass bottles are a new thing of mine, i surely do love them and i hope to have a shelfful by the end of the month. also..that shirt you see there, its pretty neat. anyways, good weekend for me. 


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